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Dedicated Assistants Assigned to You

We all have unique ways and preferences of how things get done. How many times would you have to explain it if you had a different “assistant” every time you needed one? Sounds tiring, right? We know it! That’s why at OpusX, we designate an OpusXpert for each client. No changes. We know your time is the most valuable asset, and we help you to use it wisely and avoid waste of it.

With your OpusXpert, you’ll be able to build that reliability and trust. You can be sure they’ll be able to take on the most critical and challenging projects you can give them. They’ll have predictability over your needs, giving you time back in your day. 

Bilingual English and Spanish


Genuine bilingual. How often have you had a problem when calling customer service and you end up talking to someone you can’t even understand? Imagine having an “Assistant” to whom you can’t explain what needs to get done. We understand.

Besides being bilingual, one of our minimum requirements is that all our dedicated OpusXperts have at least a Bachelors Degree. We think education is paramount in today’s workplace. That’s why all our OpusXperts are well prepared in different sectors to meet our clients' most specific needs.

Get to Know Us

Our experts are matched to your needs. This means that if your assistant is to take a phone call for you at 9:00PM  for taking notes or explaining a process, they will be there for you. The only rules they must follow is how to accommodate your needs, on your terms. 

Total Flexibility & No Rules

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