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Just ask our Clients!

Serving clients since 2021, it’s always a joy to hear that the work we do,  has such a positive impact on the people we serve.


Rodrigo Pelaez
Walmart Team Leader / Sales and Retail Manager

The best experience and service I’ve ever had. I’m not posting this just to give a review, OpusX is in one word: IMPRESSIVE. Jimmy has been great and the way the company is behind her making sure for “perfection”, as they call it, has made my life deffinitely easier. Thanks!!!


Wine & Liquor Stores / Distributor

OpusX solved all the problems we had when hiring directly personnel. Now our C-suite level colaborators get the assistance and support in plenty of activities, representing high savings and freeing up office space to be used more efficiently. Will definitely work with them permanently.


Claudine Cardenas
Sales Director / NED Mexico

In the world of real estate it’s more important to be in appointments with clients or to get new listings than to check your mail, make calls, confirm appointments, etc. OpusX has given me an excess amount of time I didn’t have before to help me reach my goals money wise.


Marcie Fox
CEO Fox Real-state

In a market where most call centers are tended by non English speakers, OpusX was a breath of fresh air. For my business it has been a game changer. Very very satisfied with their service.


Raul TG
Entrepreneur / Business Owner

As the owner of several businesses, a right hand is important and I found in OpusX not only that hand but a whole team.

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