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OpusXpert - Personal Assistant & Concierge

Imagine a personal assistant and concierge in one person! Our experts are college educated and uniquely qualified in different industries and professions.  We understand time is money, and we work hard so you can spend time on the tasks that matter to you. One person, who handles it all on your schedule, around the clock. 


You can choose your OpusXpert to be available outside the typical 9 to 5 routine office hours, including weekends and holidays. Remember, this is your schedule, not ours. 


What you need and ask of your OpusXpert will happen. Our associates are dedicated team members, not some call center with revolving doors.

Services on your terms

Flexible work schedule for your specific needs. Example, bring your assistant to a remote location for a special event. Or maybe you just need someone for a specific task on location. 

True Bilingual

Our English and Spanish speaking assistants bring many benefits to you. Their bilingual abilities allow them to bridge communication gaps and facilitate efficient communication with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders.


You will always be attended by people who know your culture, who have your same tastes and who even know or live in your city.

We are a group of business people who know that one of the most important resources is time. Over the years, we have experienced what it is to invest hours in activities that do not necessarily generate money or happiness but are necessary to obtain a result, get a task done, or experience. For example: organizing a trip, writing or answering an email, booking concert tickets, paying utility bills, etc. That’s why OpusX was born, because we know what it means to have someone trustworthy and capable to carry out these activities and also how complex it is to get one. You are one step away from releasing all that time. Welcome to OpusX!

We are dedicated to satisfy clients!

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50 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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